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Stouts and porters are both dark beers. They are made using the same ingredients, however stouts have more the roasted barley which produces a more robust flavour, makes them darker and slightly more astringent than porter. Porter’s are brewed for the heat, so tend to be less sweet & syrupy.

Delectable Chocolate Beer
Delectable Chocolate Beer

The flavour of stouts depends largely on the ingredients the brewer selects and the quantities used There flavour profile can vary from sweet, toffee, malty and luscious to dry astringent and bitter. Ireland’s Guinness brand is one of the world’s most recognizable stout beer.  Australian examples include Coopers Stout, Stone & Wood, Counter Culture So-Long Darkness Stout, Nail Brewing Oatmeal Stout, Bridge Road Robust Porter.

Stouts & Porters
Stouts & Porters from Monkey Pig Brewery

Our Black Porter has strong coffee & caramelised toffee notes & is perfect by the pool at the end of a hot day.

Our Dragon Stout, is black, smooth & velvety with mild chocolate notes & a hint of vanilla.