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Monkey Pig Brewing

Monkey Pig Brewing is the unique craft brewery & cordillery, located in Yeppoon on the Capricorn Coast in Central Qld, and not too far from Emu Park, Rockhampton, Woodbury, Byfield and Gladstone.  Head Brewer, Reg Taylor, is a local with a passion for creating great beers suited to our relaxed & sometimes quirky CQ lifestyle.

With more than 12 Monkey Pig specialty beers, a unique range of Aussie wine-based fruit spritzers, and a great selection of house-made non-alcoholic cordials, you're sure to find the right drink for you, when you visit our cellar door & tasting bar at our brewery AKA “The Shed” in Jabiru Drive, Yeppoon. Takeaways & Growler fills are also available for you to enjoy at home, whether poolside, beachside, or couchside in the airconditioning.

Sister company Pigglettoes runs the cellar door cafe & providore where you can sample or takeaway their amazing growler platters while enjoying a Monkey Pig brew or two.

Head dishwasher extraordinaire, Kat Taylor, creates a range of dips, sauces, chutneys & marinades using local & Australian products, as well as selling products from other local & Australian food artisans.

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Welcome to Monkey Pig

Monkey Pig Brewing

(& Pigglettoes Providore)


are your locally owned and operated Craft Brewery - For Specialty Beers, Wine-based Fruit Spritzers, Growler Platters.

Filling & Re-filling Options

You can enjoy the fabulous flavours of your favourite specialty beers and wine-based fruit spritzers in the "Iso-cation" of your own home.

Phone ahead if you can, so we can have everything ready to go for you.




Growler Platters


Collect your sensational Growler Platters - perfect to accompany your "At Home" Beverages.

You can order online.  We will be in contact to confirm and arrange payment, & l have them ready to collect.

You can pick up your Specialty Beer, Wine-based Fruit Spritzer and Non-Alcoholic Fruit Cordial refills at the same time.


Craft, Crafty & Craftier Brews

Click below to see the full selection of Beers, Spritzers, and Non-alcoholic Cordials/Mixers.

All available to enjoy at home as souvenirs of your visit to 'The Shed'. Call for ordering & Pickup options.

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Piggle-licious Concoctions


Experiment with our innovative recipes for Cocktails, Mocktails, Beers and Providore options.  Be sure to share your ideas, success and recipes too




Share your Recipes

Events & Outlets


Keep up to date as we create new events with a difference! And see where you can find our beers in the community.

Definitely not your "ordinary" events ... We are renowned for our fun times and crazy antics.

Don't miss out on the next one.


What's Happening?

Monkey Piggin' Around

Send us your pics, enjoying our Monkey Pig delights so we can share them.



Enjoy the Monkey Pig delights in the comfort of your own home.

Piggle-licious Concoctions

Sit back and enjoy a Monkey Pig themed Cocktail, Mocktail or other delight


Filling & Re-filling Options

Your Tasters Packs, Bottle Refills and Keg Refills are available to take home.



The perfect spot to enjoy your Growler Platters, Specialty Beers, Wine Spritzers and Fruit Cordials

Pick Up or Delivery

Collect your Refills and Platters from "The Shed" in Jabiru Drive, Yeppoon, or we can arrange delivery for you.

12 Monkey Pig Beers

Our Signature Product - we have more than 12 Monkey Pig Specialty Beers, and we are constantly developing new flavours and exciting varieties.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you want to hear this!

Health benefits of drinking a Monkey Pig Beer or Spritz

There are very few drinks more refreshing than a cold beer or sparkling spritzer on a hot day. But we all need to be careful of how much alcohol we drink. At Monkey Pig we deliberately brew our beers & make our spritzers to suit our hot tropical climate, with ABV’s of 2.7% upto 5.2%, so you can still enjoy a drink (& sometimes 2 depending on the ABV) without consuming more alcohol (& calories) than you should.

Note: Drinking more than four standard alcoholic drinks a day is considered excessive drinking and is not recommended.

Health benefits of drinking a Monkey Pig Beer or Spritz 

We only use quality whole ingredients with few or no additives so you are getting those great tastes as naturally & as cleanly as possible. And, our lower sugar fruit cordial recipes also mean you are not drinking soft drink levels of sugar when you have one of our spritzers, mixing a cocktail or enjoying one of our sparkling drinks, so that got to be better for you as well.
And the greatest news is ... our bottles will last for a long time in the fridge & are re-sealable, so you can buy a Tasters-pack & savour it to your heart's content.

Beer Types

It can be quite overwhelming when trying to learn all the different kinds of beer which is why we have condensed a list of bitesize information for you to understand about the drink. This list will help you have a better idea of what you can order on your next order from Monkey Pig Brewery, or any of our outlets.

Hover over the images below to learn a bit more.

1 Infusions (1)


Dark ales from Monkey Pig Brewery

Dark Ales

Stouts & Porters

Stouts & Porters

Pale Ales from Monkey Pig Brewery

Pale Ales

India Pale Ales

India Pale Ales (IPA)

Lager from Monkey Pig Brewery


Call us today at 0412 743 223

We are often at the shed outside of regular opening hours if you need an urgent Keg fill or brewing supplies.

You can call or text us on 0412 743 223 or CLICK  HERE  to email us

to organise a time to meet you at the shed.

Please note, we always have Mondays off.

What to Ask

What questions should you ask the bartender or brewer to get the best tasting beer for you? If you are unsure what the best beer is for you, simply ask the bartender for his recommendation. They will most likely begin to ask you what sort of drinks you enjoy. This is a good starting point. A good microbrewery such as Monkey Pig Brewing will allow you to sample a couple of beers first before buying. This is the reason people enjoy attending microbreweries and quality pubs: for the kind and friendly welcome you'll receive on your visit. How do you know it's a quality pub? It has our Monkey Pig Brews available.

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